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K.A.verse Drabbles

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Drabbles for all of K.A. Applegate's books series
K.A.verse Drabbles is a challenge prompt drabble community based around major books series by K.A. Applegate, such as Animorphs, Everworld, Remnants, and Making Out. This community accepts drabbles of all pairings, genres, and ratings.

instructions & rules

Making a claim and writing the fic:

1. You must be a member of the community to make a claim
2. You may claim only two unique characters/pairings/character groups at one time. If you are concerned about this, there is more information below.
3. Multiple members are allowed to have the same claim.
5. After making a claim, you must post up your desired table(s) in a public post in your journal. Here are the codes: 50 Prompts Table OR 100 Prompts Table
6. Please reply back with a link to that post. You may do this after I've affirmed your claim. (You can complete your prompts in whatever order your desire. )
7. No original character fics, please!
8. All fics should be 100 to 1000 words in length. The reason for the 1000-word cap is that some prompts may lead into larger subjects that overlap with other prompts. However, if you wish to make a "series" out of your prompts, that's also fine.
9. Although there is no strict timeline, members should post their first drabble within four weeks of making a claim. After that, I'd appreciate if members post at least once every two months.

Posting instructions:

1. After you make a claim, I will give you a tag. Please tag yourself accordingly when posting your fic.
2. Except for the header, you may use a fake lj-cut for your fic. Please don't friend-lock any of your fic posts!
3. Please use the following header to post your fics into the community:

Additional Information:

Choosing a character/pairing/character group is an important step when making your claim. To make it less confusing, I've provided examples of each option.

Character - If you're really into a single character from a series, you have the option to claim that one character to write about. An example of a character claim is Jake Berenson (Animorphs) or Senna (Everworld).

Pairing - If you want to write about the interaction between two or more characters (romantic or not), you have the option to choose a pairing. Ex: Jake/Marco (Animorphs) or David/April/Christopher (Everworld)

Character group - If you want to broaden your options, you may choose a certain specific group of characters. Ex: Animorphs (this can encompass the original six, David, and the new recruits); Andalites (all Andalites). NOT good ex: All mortals in Everworld (this is much too broad). Try to set a level of specificity, but also be creative and fun!

No matter who you claim, you can definitely feature other characters that you didn't claim into the fic. Just make sure that whoever you do claim maintains a central role in the drabble.

important links

100 Prompts Tables | 50 Prompts Tables | *Make a Claim!*
Current Claims | Completed Claims | Master List of Claims | FAQs

Potential Affiliates: Please leave me a comment if you wish to affiliate with the community.

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**This community is maintained and operated by callispi.
**Thanks to thefulcrum for the journal layout.
**Thanks to refuted for the profile layout.
**Standard disclaimers apply. All work featured in the community is fan-based. Neither the maintainer nor the authors claim ownership or make profit from posting these works. The views discussed on this community are not representative of the views of maintainer of the community. The maintainer reserves the right to remove any works which are inappropriate and/or in violation of the rules as set out above.